Watch This Exclusive Clip From 'Oasis: Supersonic'

Boozy brawly brothers on a boat!

Oct 26 2016, 2:54pm

What are you doing tonight? If you haven't already booked your ticket to see ​Oasis: Supersonic at the movies tonight—this is a one night only thing—then you're a numpty. We told you you had to go see it! It's probably all sold out now, but ​Supersonic ​is a good time. At best it'll make you wanna start a rock band and behave badly. At the very minimum it'll make you wanna listen to Oasis and get drunk and behave badly. 

Anyway, below is an exclusive clip from the movie detailing just one of the many batshit exploits from the Oasis vault. Watch below and read our interview with the director here.

P.S. Apparently in some spots (like NYC and LA) screenings have been extended for a full week. Phew.