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Johnny May Cash's 'My Last Days' Wouldn't Be the Worst Rap Song to Hear Before You Die

The video for the song involves a kid getting ruthlessly capped outside of a cornerstore. If he had known it was his last snack run, would he have gotten the same munchies? Maybe he would have opted for those special-edition Sriracha Lays instead.

by Zach Sokol
Feb 9 2015, 6:03pm

I broke my good headphones recently. So, for a while, I was using those shitty, $3 joints they sell at bodegas—the ones that make every song sound like it was recorded under water—because I was too lazy to get a new pair. But when the video for Johnny May Cash's song "My Last Days" hit my inbox, I knew I needed to step my audio game up. With production by Pro Tools prodigy Young Chop and a sing-song rap style that hits the sweet spot between Lil Durk and Chief Keef, there is no way I was going to enjoy the Chicago native's new video without the proper accoutrements. So, I desperately begged a co-worker to borrow his headphones. And the change up was well worth it. As soon as I pressed play, I started bouncing in my swivel chair like I was sitting in the front seat of a whip with subwoofers loud enough to be used for sonic torture.

The video for the song involves one of those "right-place, right-time" situations where a kid wearing a red hoodie gets capped outside a cornerstore and is remorselessly robbed. The victim appears to be Cash, who's also wearing the same hoodie. But upon a flashback, we realize the shooters have targeted another guy, and the rapper walks away clean.

This makes me wonder: If Cash had known this was potentially his last snack run, would he have chosen the same munchies? Maybe he would have picked those limited-edition Sriracha Lays and a tallboy instead? Or maybe some Hostess cakes because fuck it, right? One thing's for sure, though: If it's your last bodega trip, don't buy headphones, or the final song you'll hear before you die won't sound nearly as epic.

Johnny May Cash's My Last Days mixtape drops on February 24.

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