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Anti-Trump protests erupt nationwide, Muslim ban proposal is removed from Trump website, 'South Park' quickly re-writes post-election episode, and more.

by VICE Staff
Nov 10 2016, 2:35pm

​ Thousands of anti-Donald Trump protesters shut down 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower as New Yorkers. Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.

US News

Anti-Trump Protests Erupt Nationwide
Protests erupted in cities across the US on Wednesday as people took to the streets to express their displeasure at Donald Trump becoming president-elect. Thousands gathered outside Trump Tower in Chicago chanting, "Not my president." In Manhattan, "Black Lives Matter" and "NYC against Trump" were projected across Trump Tower.—CBS News

Trump to Get Classified Intel Briefings from Agencies He's Slammed
Donald Trump may get his first detailed intelligence briefing today, part of a series of meetings designed to get the president-elect up to speed with secret CIA operations and world leaders' communications. An anonymous official has suggested intelligence staffers who fear working under a Trump administration could quit.—The Washington Post

Muslim Ban Idea Removed from Trump Website
Perhaps Donald Trump's most controversial proposal, a call for a "total and complete shutdown" of Muslims entering the US, had disappeared from his campaign website by Wednesday. The page that once contained the statement now redirects to the site's homepage.—ABC News

US Pays Millions for Dysfunctional Afghan Schools, Report Says
A new report from the independent watchdog for US reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan has revealed problems with both teacher and student absenteeism in schools. Despite spending $868 million on education, US officials observed only 23 percent of reported student numbers at schools in Herat province.—NBC News

International News

Iraqi Forces Accused of Killing Villagers
Iraqi forces have been accused of killing and torturing civilians in an area south of Mosul by Amnesty International. The rights group gathered evidence that men wearing federal police uniforms killed up to six people "in cold blood" in the Shura and Qayyara areas after villagers were detained on suspicion of being connected to ISIS.—Reuters

India's Banks Begin Replacing Defunct Notes
There were huge lines outside banks across India on Thursday as people waited to swap 500 and 1,000 rupee notes removed from circulation, part of a government effort to purge shady cash from the system. Critics say the move hurts low-income workers who work with cash. —BBC News

'Green-Eyed Girl' Welcomed Home by Afghan President
Sharbat Gula, known as the green-eyed "Afghan girl" from a famous 1985 National Geographic photo, has returned to Afghanistan after being deported by Pakistan. Gula was arrested in the latter country last month for living there illegally.—The Guardian

Egypt Gets $2 Billion Before IMF Bailout Call
Egypt has secured $2 billion in funding for sovereign bonds from international banks ahead of an International Monetary Fund board meeting. The IMF is meeting to decide if it should approve a $12 billion loan to Egypt.—AP

Everything Else

'South Park' Rewrites Election Episode After Trump Win
The cartoon offered the a swift fictional take on Donald Trump's election win after creators rewrote and renamed Wednesday's episode "Oh, Jeez." It featured the line, "We've learned that women can be anything. Except for president."—Esquire

Run the Jewels Release Protest Song
Run the Jewels have dropped new track "2100" in response to Trump's shocking election win. Killer Mike and EL-P said they were releasing the politically charged song early "for everyone who is hurting or scared right now."—Rolling Stone

Apple Launches Refurbished iPhones Sale Program
Apple has launched a new online store where you can buy old, refurbished iPhones. Recycled Macs and iPods were already available at Apple Certified Refurbished.—TIME

Martin Shkreli Shares Wu-Tang Material Online
Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli seems to be following through at least in part on a promise to share his unreleased Wu-Tang album if Donald Trump became president. Shkreli was airing parts of Once Upon a Time in Sholin on various livestreams.—Noisey

Peter Thiel Congratulates Trump, Says 'All Hands on Deck'
The PayPal co-founder and Silicon Valley's most prominent Trump supporter has congratulated the president-elect and said it's time for the US "to face up to our country's problems." Thiel added: "We're going to need all hands on deck."—Motherboard

Don't Come to Canada, Says Don Cherry
Canadian hockey broadcaster Don Cherry has issued a warning to "left-wing" Americans considering a move north of the border after Trump's win. "Please, we have enough of these type [sic] here now," he tweeted.—VICE Sports