Google and Chipotle Will Start Drone-Dropping Burritos Around Virginia Tech

The future is now.

by Matthew James-Wilson
Sep 9 2016, 4:05pm

In order to usher America into a futuristic world where fast food is a brief drone flight away, Chipotle and Google have teamed up to form a Voltron of laziness that can airdrop food that makes you shit blood.

This week, Google's parent company Alphabet unveiled plans for a delivery service that will fly Chipotle burritos by drone to Virginia Tech's most lethargic students, Bloomberg reports. The service will begin this month on the Virginia Tech campus and aims to test many of the bugs associated with drone delivery and isn't just another marketing ploy from Chipotle.

The service will use self-guided hybrid drones to deliver each order, and researchers will test their navigation accuracy, as well as how well they handle the food. Chipotle food trucks will be on stand-by where researchers can take notes and take over the flights if necessary. Worst-case scenario—a couple of rancid burritos fall out of the sky, splattering all over the quad. But it's all worth it in the interest of science.

"It sounds simple, but it's not," Virginia Tech's president, Timothy Sands, told Bloomberg. "There are a lot of things to work out from a safety point of view and a policy point of view."

The experiment was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and will be the most expensive drone delivery test in the US to date.

Original photo via Flickr users Rick C, Don McCullough, and Jeffrey Beall