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This morning, Trump threatens to sue over Louisiana delegates, a Taliban group claims responsibility for Sunday's suicide bomb, 'Batman v Superman' makes over $424 million in the box office, and more.

by VICE Staff
Mar 28 2016, 2:33pm

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US News

Trump Threatens Lawsuit Over Louisiana Delegates

Donald Trump is angry about Ted Cruz swaying ten extra Louisiana delegates to his camp despite Trump winning the popular vote in the state by 3.6%. Trump said it showed how "unfair Republican primary politics can be," and also tweeted, "Lawsuit coming."—CNN

Lawsuit Planned Over Transgender Bathroom Ban

Civil liberties groups are launching a lawsuit to stop North Carolina from enforcing a controversial new law banning transgender people using bathrooms aligned to their gender identity. The American Civil Liberties Union and Equality NC will reveal details of the suit in Raleigh later today.—NBC News

Possible Pipe Bomb Blast Near Disneyland

Bomb squad personnel are investigating an explosion after reports of a pipe bomb detonation three miles from Disneyland. Police were called to a block in North Anaheim where an explosion had taken place in an alley. A building was damaged, but no injuries were reported.—USA Today

New Jersey Considers Ban on Text-Walking

Pamela Lampitt, a New Jersey assemblywoman, has introduced a measure to ban walking while texting, leading to a $50 fine or a possible penalty of 15 days in jail. Lampitt says she wants to stop "distracted walking" because it becomes dangerous when crossing roads.—New York Daily News

International News

Taliban Group Claims Lahore Attack

A Pakistani Taliban splinter group has claimed responsibility for Sunday's suicide bomb attack on a Lahore park that killed at least 70 people and injured more than 300. Jamaat-ul-Ahrar said it targeted Christians celebrating Easter, but police are still investigating the group's claim.—BBC News

El Chapo Money Launderer Arrested

The Mexican authorities have arrested Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's top money launderer, Juan Manuel Alvarez Inzunza, nicknamed "King Midas." Inzunza was detained while in the southern state of Oaxaca, and is likely to be extradited to the US.—The Guardian

Belgian Police Break Up Street Protest

Belgian police briefly used water cannons to control several hundred people on the streets of Brussels Sunday night, after they ignored a call not to march through the city. Right-wing nationalists carrying anti-Muslim banners had hijacked an event intended to commemorate the victims of the recent bombings.—VICE News

China Says Dalai Lama Making a Fool of Buddhism

The Dalai Lama is "making a fool" of Tibetan Buddhism with suggestions he may not reincarnate, or reincarnate as something inappropriate, said a Chinese official. Zhu Weiqun, chairman of an advisory body to China's parliament, accused the Tibetan leader of disrespecting his own religion.—Daily Mail

Everything Else

Batman v Superman Makes $424 Million Over Easter

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has taken $424 million at the global box office in its opening weekend, despite dismal reviews. It becomes the sixth-highest US opening weekend ever, taking $170 million.—The Hollywood Reporter

Facebook Apologizes for Safety Check Bug

Facebook has apologized to US and UK users who received notices asking if they were safe after Sunday's suicide bombing in Pakistan. "It looks like you're in the area affected by The Explosion," read the messages, explained as a "bug."—CNN

PEZ Easter Egg Hunt Turns Nasty

PEZ Candy was forced to cancel its annual Easter egg hunt in Connecticut after parents broke the event's rules, broke baskets, and began pushing kids around: one child even got a bloody nose. "Good intent quickly turned into a mess," said PEZ.—Hartford Courant

Driverless Taxi Gets Backing in Singapore

American startup NuTonomy's self-driving taxi has passed its first obstacle test in Singapore. The company will now test more cars in a busy business district of Singapore, since the city-state is keen on driverless technology.—Motherboard

Trump Effigies Burned in Mexico

Some Mexicans celebrated Easter by burning paper mache effigies of Donald Trump. The symbolic destruction is part of a traditional Catholic or Orthodox ritual, but the effigy is usually Judas Iscariot.—VICE News

Parquet Courts' Subway Dream Dissected

Sean Yeaton, bassist of Parquet Courts, has a recurring nightmare about a labyrinthine subway system with a destination he never reaches. A Jungian analyst thinks it's about searching for a home and being sidetracked by crap.—VICE

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