This Nintendo Switch N64 Dock Is an Incestuous Abomination

Someone made an unholy Switch dock.

by Zach Budgor
Mar 28 2017, 6:57pm

The Nintendo Switch is what the Wii U should have been. I say this as a, uh, proud Wii U owner. It's just a tablet. You dock the tablet to play on your TV, but there's no extra box to carry around. It's all in the handheld.

So naturally, nerds across the globe have taken to designing their own custom docks (especially since Nintendo's dock is scratching up the Switch's screen in some cases), as well as giving the console a fresh paint job. YouTuber Tettzan Zone's first crack at a custom Switch dock was this Zelda-inspired stand. It's cute, but a mere warm up for Tettzan's latest work. Behold: The Nintendo Switch 64.

The first thing to note is that this dock is actually less functional than the official Nintendo dock. The Switch controllers can to clip onto the sides of the tablet to charge, but as the Switch itself is nestled in the bowels of a hollowed-out N64 that's not possible.

This dock sacrifices convenience for the absurd visual punch of seeing one Nintendo console mounted inside another. It is pure silliness, an idea carried out without restraint or taste. Imagine sitting down at a friend's house and watching them pull their Switch out of an N64 like Excalibur from the stone.

Tettzan gutted a broken N64, turned it into a shell, and elongated the cartridge slot to accommodate the Switch. Then, they installed the relevant innards of the official Switch dock in the cartridge slot. Four USB ports seamlessly take the place of the N64 controller ports. Tettzan even modified the N64 power brick to function with the dock setup.

You can see a detailed breakdown of how Tettzan made this happen here. Tettzan even assured concerned commenters on Reddit that their N64 dock will not scratch the Switch. Your move, Nintendo.