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Endgame Shares Combusting Reggaeton-Inspired Drop on Purple Tape Pedigree

"Savage Riddim" is off the London-producer's forthcoming 'Savage' EP, out on February 19.

by Alexander Iadarola
Feb 16 2016, 11:25pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

London producer Endgame has shared the latest drop from his forthcoming Savage EP, which will mark his first outing on the ever-consistent New York label Purple Tape Pedigree. The artist is a co-founder of Bala Club collective alongside fellow London producers, Kamixlo and Uli-K, and is also a regular at Endless, a London party run by "Red Eyez"-producer Lexxi and NON Records' Nkisi. He released his self-titled debut EP last year on Lisbon label Golden Mist Records.

Today he's shared the title cut of the EP, called "Savage Riddim," and it might be our favorite on the release. Working in a reggaeton indebted template heavy on combusting, 8 bit-styled flourishes, the track cruises along at mid-tempo with a consistent stride, looking mostly to melodic reinvention to keep things interesting. Even though the track is just four minutes, its three main sections are strong enough that they could easily just have been individual tracks in themselves.

Speaking to THUMP via email, the producer gave us a succinct description of the track's inspiration: "The track is about brutality. It's called 'savage' 'cause it is." Check it out below, and be sure to get your copy of the Savage EP when it's out on Friday.

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