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Why Be Gives a Grinding, Psychedelic Remix to Rui Ho's "Ru Meng Ling​"

Rui Ho is the third artist to participate in Berlin Community Radio's Incubator program.

by Alexander Iadarola
Dec 5 2016, 10:50pm

Photo by Tonje Thilesen

Berlin-based producer, Rui Ho, has shared a discordant remix of their track "Ru Meng Ling" by Copenhagen producer Why Be, to be released on Shanghai imprint Genome 6.66 Mbp. At times sounding like an improvising krautrock ensemble, the track pairs a sense of depleted psychedelia with clanging industrial hostility, getting lost in various wormholes over the course of its extended eight minutes. Rui Ho is the third artist to participate in Berlin Community Radio's Incubator program, a residency that is focused on representing under-represented and marginalized artists.

Rui Ho told THUMP how the track reflected a mixture of personal and historical themes. "This track is an overall reflection of my gender identity, virtual identity, and cultural background all mixed together," they said. "Sampling the poem 'Ru Meng Ling' by the Chinese female poet Li Qingzhao with Google translation voice and using modern electronic music production skills, I hope to put all these different topics in a different contexts."

Last year, Why Be shared the entry of his 'Famished' mix series on Halcyon Veil, designed to keep you well-fed in a world of trash.

The "Ru Meng Ling" single will be released tomorrow, December 6, and be available for free download; its artwork was created by Tavi Lee.

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