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'Trust' Us, Max Cooper's New Single Is an Autumnal Electronica Track for the Ages

Ever wanted a soundtrack to examining hyper-dimensionality, complex symmetries, the interaction of chromosomes, the potential of multi-cellularity, and the emergence of consciousness? You're in luck!

by Josh Baines
Oct 20 2016, 2:22pm

Max Cooper has a PhD in computational biology. I don't even know what computational biology is, let alone how one goes about getting a PhD in it. That's the difference between me and Max Cooper, I guess. Oh, and Max makes really gorgeous, idyllic, not-so-tricksy electronica that we'd have all called IDM if it was still the year 2000.

Cooper's latest album, Emergence, is more of an experience than a traditional record. Cooper himself describes it as an "audio-visual story about the emergence of the reality we live in from basic underlying natural form." Along the way, he found himself working with mathematicians, geneticists and visual artists in order to help him illustrate and illuminate ideas like, "hyper-dimensionality, complex symmetries, the interaction of chromosomes, the potential of multi-cellularity and the emergence of consciousness."

While we can't promise you that listening to the track premier below will help you understand all of that, we can assure you that "Trust" is a wonderful, wonderful song. We've got this one pegged for anyone who loved Four Tet's earlier folkier work, or Apparat's seminal DJ Kicks mix—if pastoral electronica and weightless bass are your bag then you'll be all over "Trust" like a rash. It's quite possibly the most autumnal music we've heard since we got really pissed after work last Friday and thought the sound of leaves under our feet were part of the new Mood Hut 12".

Stream it in full below. Warning: it'll probably make you want to go out and buy a nice warm coat and a scarf ASAP.

Emergence by Max Cooper is out on the 25th of November on his own label, Mesh.