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Microsoft's Trendiest Mistake, the Zune, Is No More

Ask not for whom the MP3 tolls, Zune, it tolls for thee.

by Adelaide Andrews
Nov 16 2015, 9:33pm

The Zune, Microsoft's impotent foray into portable MP3 players, is no more. It's made its way to that great big drawer of tangled wires and old computer peripherals in the sky.

But, you are undoubtedly wondering, didn't the Zune disappear a long time ago?

Eh, sort of.

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In 2011, just five years after the device was introduced, Microsoft had already decided to quit churning out new Zunes, but they kept the device's online subscription service, Zune Music Pass, so die-hard Zuners (a radical subculture, if ever there was one) could continue to download and stream new content. However, according to an announcement on Billboard today, all Zune services have been disabled.

This recent news likely hits no one harder than Steven Smith, more commonly known as Zune Tattoo Guy, who earned a little internet fame (no street cred, however) after getting the Zune logo tattooed on his left shoulder. But, even he had the foresight to eventually cover it — with a tattoo of Dick Cheney.

Ask not for whom the MP3 tolls, Zune, it tolls for thee.

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