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​Stream Daniel Avery's Hypnotic New DJ Mix for Dekmantel

Deep space drone, dubbed out minimal, and more from the London techno DJ and producer.

by Benjamin Boles
Mar 7 2016, 7:49pm

Photo by Steve Gullick

UK techno DJ and producer Daniel Avery is getting in deep with Dekmantel. He will play at this summer's Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam, as well as headlining its sister event Lente Kabinet in May. Ahead of all that though, he's posted a new DJ mix to get you excited.

Avery's mix is the 60th Dekmantel podcast, and it moves from deep space drone to wiggling acid lines to dubbed out minimal. It's often hazy and atmospheric, but also gets tough and aggressive whenever you get lulled into a trance by the subtly shifting texture, perfect for 5AM in a pitch black warehouse.

Listen to the mix below.

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