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Listen to a Beguiling New Track from NAR Called "Jujeh"

Their EP of the same name is out next Friday.

by Meilyn Huq
Dec 9 2016, 10:25pm

Photo courtesy of Lauren Gesswein.

Los Angeles-based DJ and producer NAR is known for blending samples of traditional Middle Eastern prayer and music with club and dance elements on their project with collaborator Sam Mehran, burqa. Today, they share an eerily captivating track in the same vein off their forthcoming solo EP, Jujeh.

The track's name, also called "Jujeh," translates to "little chicken" in Persian. It samples a Pakistani boy singing the chorus of Chris Brown's "Loyal" from a Vine that went viral a few years ago. Dark and ominous synth work complements the track's deft doumbek drumming, while the boy's vocals and clarion whistles echo repeatedly.

NAR shared their take on the track in an email to THUMP. "[It] consists of an alluring whistle, deep subs, a subtle flute and a Vine rip of a Pakistani boy singing 'These Hoes Ain't Loyal' with a Urdu twist."

Jujeh is out December 16 via Doom Dab. Preorder it here and watch the trailer here.

Be sure to catch NAR at the EP's release show in Brooklyn next Friday.