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Someone Is Raising Money to Let 40 Horses Loose at Burning Man

For this "living, breathing, art exhibit​," they'll be wearing GoPros.

by Alexander Iadarola
Aug 30 2016, 6:02pm

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One Toronto-based man, Andrew Smales, has a big equine dream for this year's Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada—he really wants to let 40 horses with GoPros loose on the Playa. He doesn't have the funds to make it happen, or even get the event himself—which began on Sunday and will last until Monday, September 5—so he's launched a GoFundMe page to try to enlist your help

On the GoFundMe page, he describes the possible spectacle as a "living, breathing, art exhibit," and explains that he'd purchase the necessary horses from a ranch "about 200 miles" from the Black Rock Desert. "What will happen? Where will they go?," he asks. "In the words of Joe Strummer, The Future Is Unwritten. Only me and you can write it together, and your money."

So far, the initiative has reached $38,462 of its $50,000 goal, with all but $6 of that amount arriving via offline donations from just two people: an anonymous contributor and someone called "Horse Man." Almost there!

Life and Death record label founder DJ Tennis recently shared his 10 favorite psychedelic Burning Man tracks, explaining how during his first time there, "Every visual, musical and sensory experience was different and more intense than the last." Believe it or not, the mythologized festival has even inspired its own genre called playa tech.

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