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​Fono's "Real Joy" Gets Punched in the Face by Duke Dumont

The most violently hot tune in the UK just got a little bit hotter.

by Jemayel Khawaja
May 6 2015, 8:35pm

Fono's track "Real Joy" has been piquing all the right ears after it first showed up in sets by Skream and The Magician. Released officially June 14 on Relentless Records, It's a clubby house track with warped synth lines and anti-romantic lyrics about what constitutes "real love."

The video, directed by Simon Cahn, is a jarring account of two young girls beating the absolute shit out of each other in the name of passion. It's both hard to watch and gripping at the same time and makes us think our relationships are actually way healthier than we had previously thought.

Alongside Machinedrum and TC, the Grammy-nominated Duke Dumont has taken on remix duties with a lighter edit that mangles the vocals and vibe to psychedelic levels while adding subtle touches all over.

All this bodes well for Fono, The Brighton producer with a penchant for mid/high, stabby synths and relentless grooves. With Duke Dumont in his corner, this could end up being one of the club tracks of the Summer.

Fono is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter
Duke Dumont is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter

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