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Vogue at the Beach With Joey LaBeija's Mix for Chromat's Swimwear Collection

This one goes out to all the beautiful girls drowning their sorrows as they dance the night away.

by Michelle Lhooq
Jul 31 2015, 3:30pm

Nick Blumenthal

Although you won't find many New York club kids in Miami outside of Art Basel and Miami Music Week, the connection between the two cities' hard-partying music scenes runs deep all year. Earlier this month, Brooklyn designer Becca McCharen debuted the swimwear collection from her label Chromat at Miami Swim Week. The runway soundtrack, mixed by fellow Brooklynite Joey LaBeija, is so fire that you'll want to flip it for beachside twerking purposes.

Backstage at Chromat's Spring/Summer 16 Miami Swim Week show (Photo courtesy of Chromat)

"I thought of all the times I've been to Miami, and how easily recognizable a [goth] New Yorkers energy is down there. Miami is very glitz and glam, and Chromat is more dark and subversive," LaBeija tells us. "I wanted to create that same type of juxtaposition with the music... something dark and emo against something euphoric and tropical. I was also inspired by how dark Miami nightlife actually is. Beautiful girls all dolled up drowning their sorrows at Wet Willies as they dance the night away."

Fittingly, the tracklist—stacked with LaBeija's original edits—is a contrast in sweet and sour, mixing the syrupy vocals of Missy Elliot and New York City up-and-comer Rahel with rhythmic, industrial club tracks by Drippin, Lotic, and Rabit. "Above all, the music is a soundtrack for strong, powerful #ChromatBABES taking over the world!" McCharen chimes in.


Chunk vs Easy (JL Edit) - Lotic/Shalt/Rahel
Bad Bitch - GRRL
Phlem (ZZ Goloso Edit) - Lotic
TsquareTruthHa - Helix
SPKHS x Drum Death (JL Edit) - Dj Dwizz/Miss Modular
Talk To Me About Drumz - False Witness
Serve y Descontrol (JL Edit) - Rahel/Drippin/DinaMarca
Jaw Breaker - Neana
Bet x Memory Foam (JL Edit) - Rahel/Drippin
Beep Me 911 x Straps (JL Edit) - Missy Elliot/Rabit

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