Here's Why MK Refuses to Keep Drinks By His Laptop

Always watch your back.

Oct 23 2016, 4:25pm

Photo courtesy of the artist.

MK aka Marc Kinchen is a famed producer, DJ and remixer who has spent decades performing across the globe. In the late 90s, Kinchen took a hiatus from dance music, instead focusing on crafting in the pop, hip hop and r&b genres. He returned to performing and creating dance music in 2011 and is hard at work on his next album. Catch MK this weekend at Freaky Deaky.

Here, Kinchen tells us about the craziest thing that has happened to him on stage and how he recovered

I was playing Shindig Festival in Newcastle, UK and I had a pint glass of vodka cranberry sitting right next to my laptop. During my first track, a friend of mine decided it would be a good idea to sneak up behind me and pants me. He straight up pulled my pants down, and I'm pretty sure I was commando!

As I rushed to pull them back up, I knocked that very large drink right onto my laptop. I didn't have a backup computer with me and was playing three festivals that day.

The DJ and producer Cristoph played before me and I pleaded with him not to go anywhere. Every minute of that day was a horror. I was totally petrified that at any minute my laptop was going to short circuit and would need more tunes.

But thanfully, that was the worst of it.

This was about three years ago, and shockingly, the laptop still works — although the keys are still a little sticky. Nice one Apple! And no more drinks next to my computer. For me, that was my own personal horror show.