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You Can Now Tour Colorado's Weed Shops on Google Street View

I feel like I'm getting a contact high from way over here.

by Jason Koebler
Jan 13 2015, 5:05pm

The Kush Club

Have you ever been to a legal weed shop? I haven't! That's because I'm from Washington, DC, ​where politicians sent to the city by the rest of the country do things like use archaic budget laws to ​overrule the 70 percent of local voters who wanted to legalize marijuana. 

I digress. I also haven't been to a legal weed shop because I haven't checked out Denver, where places like ​Long Trail Glass and the ​Kush Club exist. Thanks to Google's relatively new Business View, which lets you virtually tour businesses, Street View style, now you can at least see what they look like (hat tip ​to the Denver Post's excellent weed-centric site the Cannabist for the head's up).

The Kush Club's back room

Take a step through a swinging, saloon-style door in the Kush Club, for instance, and you'll be led to a back room featuring lots and lots more weed. In Long Trail Glass, you'll find lots of psychedelic art. 

The Kush Club's branded hoodies and flatbrims

Long Trail Glass's art and smoking apparatuses—is that what they're called?

At the moment, it looks like these are the only two marijuana businesses you can tour, but I'd expect more to show up soon. ​Denver has roughly 100 legal weed shops, and Google will ​put up Business View maps for any business that has its shop shot by an approved photographer. 

You navigate the store just like any other Google map. 

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