3D-Printing Humans

We have 3D-printed a skull and implanted it into a human, and the whole human is clearly next.

Mar 28 2014, 4:31pm
Image: UMC Utrecht

We have 3D-printed a skull, and successfully implanted it into a woman's head.

We have 3D-printed kidneys.

We have 3D-printed blood vessels, to nourish them.

We have 3D-printed ears, so that we can better hear the sounds of the 3D-organ-printers humming.

We have 3D-printed bones, to give the 3D-printed bag of organs some form, and, eventually, a skeleton.

We have 3D-printed skin to cover the whole 3D-printed mess with. 

We won't really need to 3D-print brains, because we will have computers for that instead