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At Edward Snowden's "I'd Testify Against the NSA" Dinner Party

Wikileaks posted some cheerful silent videos of Edward Snowden.

by Daniel Stuckey
Nov 5 2013, 11:50am

You remember that fantasy scene from Dumb and Dumber where Jim Carrey imagines himself as the life of a party in some rich person's log cabin McMansion in Aspen? That's kind of how these silent videos of Edward Snowden's Friday visit with German Green Party MP Hans-Christian Ströbele make me feel. Like, if I were going to cut loose some huge secrets, this is how I'd want to then be: Sitting around, chillin', talking about things too precious for you to hear.

According to WikiLeaks, Snowden met with the German politician to discuss the possibility that he could offer information regarding US spying on Germany. Sarah Harrison, the WikiLeaks journalist who traveled with Snowden from Hong Kong to Moscow, was present for the visit. Also there were ex-editor of Der Spiegel Georg Mascolo, and John Goetz of Süddeutsche-Zeitung

WikiLeaks published these short, silent YouTube videos of the meeting. Apparently the discussions were too sensitive to include audio:

"German MP Ströbele discusses with Snowden investigation into NSA spying" (more videos below)

Still, the vibes are warm, and it looks like a happy little tea party. That belies the fact that Snowden remains in a rather precarious legal position, and appears to be doubling down on whistleblowing. WikiLeaks says he signed a letter in which he agreed to "be an expert witness in Germany if circumstances allowed.​"

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich would also love to hear more of what the ex-NSA analyst has to say. Considering Saturday's coming-out of American-British-European shared surveillance and intelligence gathering programs, much of the rest of the country's politicians probably do too.

Here are the rest of the videos, including one of Snowden signing that letter Ströbele handed out to journalists:

"German MP Ströbele talks in meeting with Edward Snowden."
"Snowden and German MP Ströbele sign letter regarding being potential witness." 
"Snowden talks at meeting with German MP Ströbele."