Cab Driver Unwittingly Tells John Elway He's the Best QB of All Time

This cabbie was lucky enough to say John Elway was the best quarterback he's ever seen, and didn't even realize the man was in his cab.

by Dave Brown
Jan 23 2017, 10:15pm

It sounds like one of those urban legend horror stories people tell for fun. You know the punchlines: "And the hook was in the door handle!" Or, "The call was coming from inside the house!" Or, "A thousand baby spiders burst from her scalp!" (Ouch.) Well, add "NFL Hall-of-Famer John Elway was in the cab all along!" to the list—only this time it's true.

In our nation's capital for presidential inauguration festivities last week, Elway was riding in a D.C. cab with his wife and two friends when the group struck up a conversation with the driver about who he considered the greatest quarterback in NFL history. From an entertaining video posted on Facebook by Elway pal Glenn Stearns, it is clear that Mr. Sam Snow (who identifies as a Steelers fan) has no idea that Elway, in the back seat wearing sunglasses, also is in his presence.

Snow calls Elway "No. 1," and after wife Paige Green amusingly confesses to having slept with Elway as if she were a groupie, cabbie Snow replies: "With the money he's got, even (straight) guys want to do him."

After Snow rounds out his top three QBs, naming Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger (?!), the group asks Snow if he would "know Elway if he saw him?" Of course he would! At that point, the Big Reveal happens.

"Aw, c'mon, man, are you serious?! C'mon, man, John Elway! Damn! Man, I gotta take a picture, man! Seriously. Seriously, seriously! I'm serious! When we get out, can we take a picture together, man? You gotta take them shades off! Man, I know what John Elway looks like! Y'all got me...I gotta take some pictures, man, to show the guys. I know they're gonna be jealous...As a matter of fact, the ride is free. John Elway, unbelievable...Many times I was at Three Rivers Stadium when you pissed me off!"

Famous People Riding In Cabs Where The Cabbie Talks About The Famous Person Without Realizing He Or She Is In The Back Seat? Great idea for a TV show, or greatest idea?

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