Greg Good was an art major. Greg Good designed a custom cat helmet to wear to the game. Created by Bud Light and VICE Digital Services.

by Bud Light and VICE Digital Services
Sep 8 2016, 9:10pm


Greg Good was an art major. Greg Good designed a custom cat helmet to wear to the game. "Down in front, Catman!" was the resounding cry of a fellow fan. So off came the helmet, on came the hair, panther, cape, beard, etc., and thus Catman was born.

How did you fall in love with your team? What is your first memory around your NFL team?

I was a fan of Green Bay's team growing up, but when they finally came to play Carolina, they ignored me and I gave them up for Carolina, cold turkey! Watching a young team 'LIVE' and living vicariously through the rookie's struggle, I fell for my Carolina Panthers. I actually prayed for my favorite retired player to un-retire and play for us, and one day, it happened. That was spooky real!

How, when, and why did you start dressing up, collecting or becoming more than a regular ordinary fan?

Sitting at the game was boring because the announcers weren't good. Because I have front row seats, my mind went back to the days of watching the game on TV as a kid and I decided to do something extra like the superfans during my childhood. I wasn't shy or afraid of a crowd and I was an Art major, so I used my skills to make it more fun!

What is your favorite NFL moment or team memory?

My favorite moments were several, but picking one, I'd say it was when I went to the Super Bowl XXXVIII to represent my Panthers before my Hall Of Fame Induction as a superfan. I have represented my record-breaking team on all levels and others have not been privileged to do so like I have. I exude confidence when I speak and have always respected fans and bent over backwards to accommodate them for a photo or autograph or to kiss their babies! They reciprocate with love and respect, because when the players are not available, I am.

Food is the last thing I need on game day.

How did you develop your costume / get your nickname / develop your superfan persona?

It all started with a construction hat with a black cat on top and a cat in my hand. A fan kept asking me to sit, until he started calling me, big guy with the cat, "Catman, down up front!" I sat, but I liked the sound of that, so I adopted it. But my peer who sat beside me influenced my hat purchase because he had one with a cat painted on his and that summer I found the 3D cat and screwed him on.

What is your favorite keepsake or piece of memorabilia?

My favorite keepsake is the free pickup truck that I got from a major news Network after they played a joke on me on national TV, telling me I'd won a car and then giving me a toy car in 2006. The joke backfired because over 9,000 fans complained until I got a new truck.

What is your game day ritual? How do you prefer to watch the game?

On game day I like to watch the players warm up. I don't tailgate. Food is the last thing I need on game day. I may even get to talk to a player who comes close to my seat, especially a retired player from another team.

Being a superfan has privileges. I am revered and respected, especially, by the kids who see me up close. They are why I continue, now I am one of those fans they see on TV, so with Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

What is the best thing about your team?

Best thing about my Panthers is - we never give up! We Keep Pounding, playing until we force something in our favor, and we've had great players that exemplify that model. As a teacher, I use our players as someone to model after.

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