Kerwynn Williams Loses Shoe, Scores TD Anyway

Thirty-five yards of his 49-yard touchdown came with only one shoe on.

by Dave Brown
Dec 19 2016, 5:51pm

Arizona Cardinals backup running back Kerwynn Williams came into Week 15 with 34 rushing yards on the season, every one of which was gained wearing two shoes like a typical NFL human. That all changed in the first quarter against the New Orleans Saints Sunday when, on a wildcat play from midfield, Williams broke free of the surly bonds of shoddy Saints tacklers, along with any limitations that come with being shod himself.

With quarterback Carson Palmer wide left, Williams took a shotgun snap and faked an inside handoff to David Johnson before dancing outside and eluding De'Vante Harris at the line of scrimmage. Linebacker Craig Robertson pursued, but could only get a hand on Williams and came up empty—except for one of Williams's cleats. Credited with a 49-yard touchdown run for the game's opening score, Williams ran the final 35 yards or so with just a sock covering his left foot. Is that an advanced statistical split?

It was nice of lineman Corey Peters to retrieve the shoe and reunite it with its wearer.

Who throws a shoe? Ask Kerwynn Williams! How about a closeup, Mr. Sock?

There wasn't a whole lot of tackling all day, with the Saints winning 48-41 to drop the defending NFC West champs to 5-8-1. Williams had the play of the game, though, and later posted an Instagram that revealed this wasn't the first time he's worked without the expected equipment. Working the wildcat against the Dolphins, Williams took the snap without wearing gloves. Just tape on his fingers.