All in a Night's Work: DeMarcus Cousins Pushed a Coach, Earned Some Technical Foul Records

Cousins became the quickest man to reach 16 techs in a season and has now earned tech-induced suspensions in three different seasons.
February 7, 2017, 4:05pm

Monday was a momentous evening for the reigning King of the Technical Foul, DeMarcus Cousins. Boogie earned two techs in the second half of a wild contest between the Sacramento Kings and the Chicago Bulls, the first for pushing Bulls assistant coach Jim Boylen at the end of the third quarter, then for shouting at a referee with 1.1 seconds remaining in the fourth. The first tech will get most of the attention—it's not everyday you see a player get into it with a coach, after all—but the second tech officially put Cousins at 16 for the season, earning him a one-game suspension.

A fracas erupted between quarters when Bulls big man Taj Gibson was issued a technical for clapping at the ref. He needed to be restrained by teammate (and former King) Rajon Rondo, who then turned around to argue. Boylen ran in to restrain Rondo when the ever-combustible duo of Boogie and Matt Barnes entered the fray, butting into an argument between an opponent and a referee. What the hell were they thinking? More importantly, why the hell did the Kings ever think it was a good idea to pair Cousins with Barnes in the first place? Sacramento's front office is one of life's greatest mysteries.

Undeterred by tech no. 1, Boogie and the Kings almost rallied from 16 points down at the start of the fourth, but Chicago pulled out the win thanks to the heroics of Dwyane Wade. Cousins tried to bait Robin Lopez into a foul on one last desperation heave, and when the ref didn't call a foul he exploded. With the game essentially over, Cousins's outburst ensured that he will be suspended. Not smart.

The final tech Cousins netted set a couple of dubious records, according to NBC Sports' Dan Feldman. He became the quickest to reach the 16-tech penalty—by nearly a month!—and he broke a tie with Dwight Howard and tech legend Rasheed Wallace by earning a 16-tech suspension in three different seasons in his career. He may never reach Sheed's nigh-unbreakable record of 41 technical fouls in 2000-01, but Cousins has cemented his status among the best of all time when it comes to getting T'd up by the refs.