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Cozy Up with This Perfect Homemade Pho

You'll stay sweating through the winter months when you prep this amazing beef pho from Charles Phan that's so good, it would make a Vietnamese grandma proud.

by Munchies Staff
Jan 19 2016, 5:00pm

Photo courtesy of The Slanted Door.


It seems like the second temperatures drop below freezing, we're craving a hot tub full of noodles and an industrial-sized barrel of hot toddy to last us until the first sunburn of May. How can one survive the incoming treacherousness of the colder months without a meaty, hearty soup?

One cannot. So we consulted Charles Phan of San Francisco's beloved Vietnamese restaurant The Slanted Door and asked him how the phock to make some great beef pho bo.

Great pho starts with great broth. When the weekend rolls around, get a gigantic pot and fill it with bones. Many bones. And not just any bones—oxtails, neck bones, shank bones, and marrowbones. Ginger, onion, sugar, white pepper, and Asian spices add that aromatic ahhh factor.

Ready your brisket, your noodles, your scallions, and, of course, your garnishes. After all, what is pho without its requisite accompaniments of Thai basil, jalapeños, bean sprouts, and lime?

RECIPE: Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup)

Inhale deeply and pick up your soup spoon. Grab the sriracha. Soon, you'll be sweating.