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5 Punch Bowl Cocktails That Will Make You a Party Legend

Put your ego and flair aside and dump all of those golden cocktail ratios into one vessel.

by Munchies Staff
Dec 4 2017, 8:00pm

If you're going to host a party and get a bunch of people drunk on your dime, you could get all Tom Cruise in Cocktail and make fancy drinks to order.

Or, you can put your ego and flair aside and dump all of those golden cocktail ratios into one vessel. This will give you the time and convenience to perfect the taste of your cocktails, have a great party centerpiece, and enjoy a few drinks yourself without having to measure alcohol all night.

We've put together a list of five of our favorite punch bowl cocktail recipes that will make your night easier and your buzz even buzzier. And by the way, they're all pretty fucking amazing-looking, too.

RECIPE: Absolute Baller

This crowd-pleasing, tropical fruity punch will be your new favorite party staple. With vodka, fresh juices, banana liqueur, sherry, a whole lot of bitters, and a gazillion garnishes, it will truly have you feeling like a baller.

RECIPE: Tarragon in 60 Seconds

In addition to having an ingenious name, this zesty, citrusy punch contains three kinds of alcohol (rum, brandy, and prosecco), but is a breeze to make and even easier to drink.

RECIPE: Grapefruit and Beer Punch

This just might be the easiest-to-make punch in the world, starting with a jug of grapefruit juice and a few tall boys of cheap beer. But no one needs to know that—they'll just be talking about how great it tastes.

RECIPE: Gin Punch

This is a citrusy, tropical gin punch straight from Miami that gets its cool, creamy color from coconut milk and its sweetness from lavender honey. Don't worry—there are just six ingredients, plus as many edible flowers as you want to top it with.

RECIPE: Whiskey, Cider, and Rosemary Punch

This recipe is so delicious, you'll want to hide it from your creepy uncle. Cheap whiskey, apple cider, rosemary, and oranges all party together in your favorite punch bowl.

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