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Hear Caroline Spence's Sophomore Album 'Spades & Roses' Now

The critically-acclaimed Americana singer/songwriter has returned to make you face your inner failings.

by Annalise Domenighini
Feb 27 2017, 6:46pm

Two years ago, Rolling Stone Country named Caroline Spence an artist to know ahead of her debut album Somehow. It was a beautiful piece of folk that set the bar high for any of her future endeavors of hers. Luckily, her sophomore release Spades & Roses pole vaults over that bar with ease.

Spades & Roses mixes haunting gothic bluegrass with themes of Americana to create a piece of work that will make you fall in love with the genre again. 

"To me, Spades & Roses is about growth and discovery," Spence says. "It's about learning about your place in the world and about deciding what kind of world to build around yourself. All the songs on album have a certain yearning to them; a yearning for change, a yearning for something more, a yearning to be seen and known. That is the place where I was when I wrote these songs and the acting of writing was a way to make these discoveries and channel that yearning."

You can hear that yearning on songs like "Goodbye Bygones" and "You Don't Look Good (Cocaine)." Get ready to get introspective. 

Spades & Roses is out on March 3. Preorder it here.

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