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THUMP’s Soundtrack To A Summer Fling

Here are the best tracks to fall in love, get down, and break up to.

by THUMP Staff
Jun 25 2014, 11:19pm

Photo from The Burried Life's "We Found Love" video

With the first day of summer finally behind us, we're here to guide you through your classic summer fling. You fall in love, rail lines off each other, realize she's moving back to Barcelona in September, and live to fight another day. We've compiled our soundtrack to a summer fling and when you should make use of each song below.

We recommend Slow Magic for… Attracting the girl of your dreams

We recommend Lido for… Convincing her you're a swell guy

We recommend Matoma for… Dates at the aquarium with soft serve ice cream and matching hats

We recommend ALIZZZ for… Private after parties

We recommend Black Milk for… Recovering from your first fight

We recommend Jordan Rakei for… Convincing her to stick it out that last month before you leave

We recommend Midliife for… Slow dancing at midnight

We recommend FKJ for… An August filled with afternoon delight