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Shoenice Is Now Rapping

The man with an iron stomach and a vision to end world hunger is now rapping.

by Daniel Stuckey
Feb 7 2013, 7:00pm

Flowing over beats by Glazed420, you're listening to Shoenice as he majestically enters the rap game. His lyrics are frank, they tell his story, and an acidic groove is established. The feeling is sincere, but like all gangsta rap you must question, "Has it been lived?" All I can offer, after meeting the guy in the flesh and feeding him a bottle of wood glue, is that I'm as convinced as you can get. He's the real deal. Yes, my fascination with Shoenice, aka Chris Schewe–the guy who will eat anything to end world hunger–is a little over the top. But you be the judge, when Chris' very own episode of Motherboard's new season of My Life Online comes out in a couple weeks.

Tonight, Shoenice will be appearing on the first episode of truTV's new show, Guinness World Records Gone Wildbasically a new version of Guinness that doesn't bother with biggest beanie baby collections and longest eyebrows. So you see, with his YouTube channel growing by a few thousand subscribers a week, his face all over the internet (and cable television), covering the rap base is simply a rite of passage for Schewe.

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