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And the Winner of Our 'The Offensive' Zine Contest Is...

Juicy J has made his decision.

by The Creators Project
Aug 19 2016, 1:30pm

Photo by Liv Hoffman

It's been weeks of zine-making, photo-taking, and hashtagging #TCPOffensive via the app. We've seen drug baggies, Eric Koston, and cut-out gold fronts.

You've waited patiently, and now it's time to crown our champ. 

After intense deliberation, The Creators Project, VICE, and are proud to present the winner of The Offensive: A DIY Zine-Making Competition. Hand-selected by Juicy J himself, the winning zine, to be published in the September Issue of VICE Magazine is...

"an imperfect zine" by Liv Hoffman

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Name: Liv Hoffman

Age: 19

Occupation: Photographer

Theme for your zine: The Chinatown hustle 

What inspired you to make it?: Chinatown life inspires me because I feel like I am in a different world every time. I like the fast movement, high pace, chaotic vibe. When I take photos, I want to be in a sea of people so I am not noticed, and that is really easy to do there. 

What's 'offensive' to you?: I find it offensive when grown men catcall me on the street when I go out to take photos. Sometimes I just ask them, "How would your mother feel if she heard you say that?" I want to throw it back at them so they can reflect on why it's offensive.

What are you working on next?: A good friend of mine from high school is homeless living on the Lower East Side. She is currently hooked on heroin, which has turned her life upside down. I really want to work on a project with her that sheds light on the issues that she has faced, while also reflecting on the idea of being homeless but still having a home.

Photo by Liv Hoffman

Juicy J, the Southern rapper, founding member of Three 6 Mafia, Academy Award-winner, and our special guest judge, had this to say: "I was really impressed with this artist’s style and vision. This artist has a great eye for capturing interesting moments. Even though all of the zine submissions were fire, this artist really grabbed my attention." As Liv's prize, The Creators Project will be printing out "an imperfect zine" and including a copy within the September Issue of VICE Magazine. We'll also have them on hand when VICE makes a special appearance at the first-ever Independent Art Book Fair this September. 

You can see "an imperfect zine" and more #TCPOffensive zines on

Follow Liv Hoffman on Instagram: @yungliv_

And a special thanks to Finalists Isabel LaSala, Ivory Serra, Jeff Hemmi, Nery Madrid, all of our honorable mentions, and everyone who helped make The Offensive: A DIY Zine-Making Competition a success. 

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