On Creating 'KISHA', the Kilo Kish-Designed Product Line

'Being a multi-medium artist is weird.'

by Kilo Kish
Nov 20 2015, 8:35pm

Being a multi-medium artist is weird. I think most people under the age of 25 delve into so many different things, we’re all more or less mediocre at some things than others. Design for me is a completely different process than that of music, way more reference based. To me, some designs work and some don’t. Some are better for a t-shirt and others for a cup, but there’s a definite order to it. Within this order, I find that I am the most free. I draw like an 8-year-old (of course I can physically draw much better than that) but I don’t for my designs, and weirdly I’m okay with that because it’s my “style.”

In music, I wish I could teach myself the same lesson. I find with popular music that most everyone tries their very best. There is so much emphasis on making the best/coolest/weirdest/sexiest/catchiest/loudest song you can. Sometimes when I draw, it allows me to remember that it’s your choice to “design” your songs the way you see fit. If musicians made all the products in our world I think everything would be covered in glitter and glass with bells and whistles.

On the flipside, God bless musicians for remembering how to make a moment, a little space where you can feel something. The feeling part is something nice I try to remember when I design. My goal is to make objects that allow you to become who you want to be through the interaction with said object. Things that can elevate you (as much as a human can be elevated by material things). A well curated space can impact your state of mind in the same way that music can. You’ll always hear me talk about musicians + designers like I am not one, I don’t really consider myself focused enough to be called either. But I find both parties extremely fascinating in their own respects.

Some inspirational materials i’ve collected that I put together on the scanner:  Eames House Postcards. Postcards + Packaging from Stockholm. KISHA pencils. KISHA watermelon print that started as gouache paintings. Fabric swatches from LA. Love Me stickers.

I pick up a lot of inspiration from packaging, postcards, and swatches of fabric. I feel like I’m always collecting random shit and pinning them to walls or sticking in notebooks. For me to work well and not waste time, I have to organize it in a way that focuses my brain into the right space. For KISHA, we are working on tons of divisions that keep our created characters, basic apparel, luxury items, and home products in the right classroom. Our first release will be S/S 2016 so keep a look out!

Talk soon!



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