Visit the Disco Future in Art Department's "Walls" Music Video

Hop in Hugo Moreno's animated hovercar and blast it.

by Beckett Mufson
Jun 10 2015, 5:00pm

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Driving beats and hovercars populate a pastel-colored universe in Art Department's new video for "Walls," animated by Paris illustrator Hugo Moreno. Inspired by his previous work, the band worked with Moreno, animators Bernard Som and Hanne Galvez, and studio ChezEddy, to build a world that he says is, "somewhere between Utopia and Dystopia." He tells The Creators Project, "I wanted to represent an attractive world, something like Florida at sundown."

The video contrasts the idyllic setting with less-than-glamorous subject matter as—among other things—a damsel in distress occupies the protagonist's television screen. "It can be read like this," Moreno suggests: "The man used to know the woman, and he now have subliminal visions of this woman suffering, maybe abused. We can imagine that the man is the author of this violence, while he try to bury his memory." His story matches the melancholic tone of Art Department's music, masked in dreamy vocals, clapable riffs, and Moreno's alluring vision of a hovercar-filled, resort-like future.

The illustration that inspired "Walls," courtesy the artist

See more of Hugo Moreno's work on his website, and listen to Art Department's music on Facebook.


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