Wall-Sized Pinball Machine Seeking Wall-Sized Wizard

Niklas Roy brings back ye olde arcade favorite, with a competitive twist.

by Sami Emory
Jun 3 2015, 3:45pm

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Pinball, which has seemingly fallen by the wayside when it comes to gaming, makes a stellar comeback in inventor and pinball lover Niklas Roy’s supersized Galactic Dimension machine. Measuring in at approximately 10’ by 16’, the machine's flashy face merges cosmic characters and old school arcade aesthetics into a carnivalesque attraction which, with an open invitation and an attached score sheet, brings back the bygone entertainment with a competitive edge. 

“My immediate vision was to build a giant pinball machine, which would be, not only a cool installation, but also really great to play with,” Roy explains on his website. “Using the existing ramp was a challenge, though. Not only is it quite large, but with more than 30° inclination it’s also extremely steep. My only chance to shoot a large ball up there was to use a very light ball. I went for a hollow silver plastic ball, one that is meant to be used in ball baths.” And when it comes to ball baths, Roy knows what he's talking about (Read: Watch A Camera Get Sucked Into A Sponge Ball Acceleration Tube).

The giant contraption currently monopolizes a ramp and the visitors' attention in the Zaha Hadid designed Phæno science center in Wolfsburg, Germany. See it in action below:

Find more of Niklas Roy's interactive inventions on his website. Via Nerdcore


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