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Laser-Powered Tower Shoots Wishes Into The Cosmos

"Wish Tower" appeared at last week's BOOM Festival in Portugal, visualizing the desires of festival-goers as laser beams in the sky. We imagine more than a few first-time attendees asked for a warm shower.

by Zach Sokol
Aug 18 2014, 9:15pm

Images courtesy of MySquare

Last month, we covered artist collective MySquare's Wish Tree, an installation at the Fusion Festival in Berlin that gave a 21st century update to Yoko Ono's 1996 installation of the same name. In Germany, the artists souped-up a living tree with LEDs and lasers and asked festival-goers to take a break from the four-on-the-floor beats to make a wish upon the tree, press a button, and "send" it up into the ethers. At last week's BOOM Festival in Portugal, MySquare one-upped their sapling with a sensible progression to their wistful intallation: the Wish Tower.

"Wish Tower is a natural evolution of the Wish Tree," François Moncarey of MySquare wrote in an email. "We tried to make a natural interface and make the invisible visible." In other words, the crowds at the premier trance festival could turn their internalized desires into ebullient beams of light that rocketed into the skies of Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal.

Similar to Wish Tree, the installation includes four simple processes: 1. Visitors visualize your wish. 2. They press a button. 3. Their wish reaches the tower top through light. 4. Their wish is sent to the cosmos via laser beam as the festival watches. While there are no reports on whether the Tower made any dreams come true, we would guess more than a few first-time BOOM visitors had their fingers crossed for a warm shower.

See some images of Wish Tower below, as well as a video of the installation:


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