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Best Of The Rest: The Week In Creativity

New Wes Anderson, Susan Sontaag tank tops, and a billboard that turns air into drinking water.

by TCP Staff
Nov 15 2013, 6:28pm

This week...

*Australian artist Joan Ross gave classic paintings from the continent a bonkers new neon makeover. [Beautiful/Decay]

*Opening Ceremony inexplicably came out with a new line inspired by social theorist and all around awesome thinker Susan Sontaag. [Opening Ceremony]

*Mark Rothko's iconic paintings were reinterpreted with cigarette lighters. [Junk Culture]

*We couldn't believe this wasn't an epic light installation by James Tapscott. Vacation what? [Buzzfeed]

Can City from Studio Swine

* This Brazilian mobile aluminum foundry turned empty cans into stools. [Motherboard]

*We were introduced to a moon you can hold in your hand. [DesignRulz]

*This sausage chair was presented to the world. Trend alert anyone? [DesignBoom]

*James Franco had a lot to say about Richard Prince and aesthetics. [VICE]

*The social life of artists on Facebook was discussed. [Dis]

*This What-Would-I-Say-App destroyed the internet. We can't even publish what it told us we'd say. #Vulgar #Truth [WhatWouldISay]

*An invisibility cloak was apparently created. [Ifcknlovescience]

*These 5 women kicked butt at architecture. [ArchDaily]

* Prada, Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman, and Italy teamed up for Castello Cavalcanti, an eight-minute short set in 1955 starring Jason Schwartzman as a "flustered" race car driver who crashes into various important local landmarks. [NYMag]

*This billboard in Peru turned air into drinking water. See video below. [Minds]

*The historical Cloisters Cathedral in NYC was turned into a sound installation. [Hyperallergic]

*Paper Magazine created a photo shoot based on the art of James Turrell. [PaperMag]

*Dazed Digital asked "How do you store a GIF?" [DazedDigital]

*25 artworks seized by the Nazis (including an Otto Dix) were unearthed in a Munich apartment. [Hyperallergic]

*This mosaic garden set the gold standard for beautiful parks worldwide. [Archdaily]

*This "Thread Pavilion" blew our minds. [Evolo]

*M.I.A. celebrated the launch of her newest record Matangi with a crazy Bushwick house party. [PaperMag]

*A group of New Yorkers knows as the Dept of Well Being installed 200 "Happy Street Signs" in lower Manhattan. Inspired by the Happy Street Sign paintings created by UK artist Killy Kilford, this guerrilla art project was meant to be "a call to action for the Mayor to set up a formal Dept of Well Being." We like to think of it as being something like the anti-DMV. [DeptOfWellBeing's Facebook] [Mashable]

And finally...

*If you're in NYC, next week the FEAST ideas conference will be kicking off a new events series. Get your thoughtful arts and culture on! [Feast]