These Mother's Day Cocktails Are Hella Better Than Breakfast in Bed

These Mother's Day Cocktails Are Hella Better Than Breakfast in Bed

Every mom deserves a strong drink.
May 12, 2017, 7:00pm

Your mom doesn't want breakfast in bed. That shit's a nightmare, and you know she's the one cleaning up the crumbs afterwards. All mom wants this year is a light, bright spring cocktail (or five). In case you forgot, she went sober for nine months to create you—shaking up a batch of boozy libations to share with her is, TBH, the least you can do.

Garden Tonic

Is there anything more springy than booze infused with fresh herbs? If there is, we'd like to see it—and, in the meantime, we'll be drinking these cocktails of lemony, herbaceous vodka, sweetened with honey and topped with tonic water. Infusing vodka is easy—just round up whatever herbs your mom has hanging out in her garden (or in the back of the fridge) and let them soak in the spirit overnight.

RECIPE: Garden Tonic

Prata Punch

Some flower-infused drinks taste like shower products. This isn't one of them—homemade violet syrup is balanced with strawberry puree, lemon juice, and sparkling wine. Oh, and some cachaça, the clear Brazilian spirit that will make your mom forget about how bitchy you were in middle school.

RECIPE: Prata Punch


Frosé was the unofficial drink of last summer, but we're not letting it be a flash in the pan. It's pretty much a granita that gets you drunk. You don't need a slushie machine to make this, but maybe your mom wants one as a gift. You know, for you to use every time you come home.


Greyhound Jell-O Shots

Luckily, your mom probably doesn't have the same scarring memories of college jell-o shots that you do. Which means she'll be a lot less sus when you make her these grapefruit, gin and St. Germain shots. Bonus points if you top with pop rocks, because the texture is everything, and they're just so damn cute.

RECIPE: Greyhound Jell-O Shots

Cucumber Ginger Limeade

This is like the infused water at a bougie spa, except you made it, and that means you can spike it with gin in the comfort of your home. Don't underestimate the power of ginger lime syrup to turn cucumber water into a killer cocktail (or mocktail).

RECIPE: Cucumber Ginger Limeade

Show your mom how grateful you are that she raised your crazy ass. If anyone deserves a drink, it's that lady.