It Doesn't Get Any Realer Than This Pin

Featuring new enamel pins from Thumbs, Born Rad, Death Dealers, Pinlord, and Bae and Mae.

by Charlie Ambler
May 4 2017, 5:18pm

As the founder of Strike Gently Co , I deal in pins and patches daily. The Creators Project asked me to pull together a weekly roundup of the best newly-released pins. Most of these will probably sell out. If you like them, smash that "add to cart" button.

Bae And Mae

Sometimes pins speak to you for their aesthetic beauty. Other times it's their Super Woke Subject Matter. But sometimes a pin just resonates with you on an emotional level. When you're nearly child-rearing age and can't support the life of a 3" x 3" potted desert plant, what do you do? Well, you don't quit, that's for sure.

$10.00 here.


While I definitely can't say "Vladimir Putin is a gay clown," I can say this is the "Putin Gay Clown" pin from Pinlord. Still probably not very PC though.

$10.00 here.

Death Dealers

This is one of my favorite pins of all time. It strikes every chord. There's the physical memory of watching Rugrats before bed in fourth grade. There's the emotional realization that life will never be quite as good as it was when you were watching Rugrats before bed in fourth grade. And there's the spiritual acknowledgement that this is OK, we're older now, and we should start making peace with death soon.

$8.00 here.

Born Rad

The production is high quality, the colors are vibrant, and the design is very, very pin-friendly. Like the demon on your back, there's very little to explain about it.

$12.00 here.


Speaking of nostalgia, did anyone else have an irrational obsession with World Industries as a child? I did. Flameboy and Wet Willy paved my love of skateboarding that lives on to this day but has never translated into any sort of physical skill or athleticism. I can kickflip on a good day, though, if I take my back meds. R.I.P., 90s.

$20.00 set here.

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