Prince Fielder Does Squats with Rougned Odor on his Back

Prince Fielder shows off his strength while doing squats with Rougned Odor on his back and Odor looks like he's on a fun ride.

by Sean Newell
Apr 8 2015, 5:34pm

As you can see here, Prince Fielder is a strong dude. With impeccable form, Fielder fairly easily does a series of squats with Rougned Odor on his back. Which is a wonderful feat of strength, but forget about all of that and just look at Odor. My man is having a grand old time riding Prince Fielder like he is some kind of (really pretty boring, to be honest) amusement park ride.

Now just imagine if it was Adrian Beltre doing the squats, with Odor uncomfortably close to the Danger Zone.