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All photos by Pete Voelker

16 Eerie Photos of a Pandemic-Stricken New York City

Photographer Pete Voelker captures empty streets and crowded parks in the country's worst-hit city.
April 13, 2020, 11:00am

The United States Naval Ship Comfort is guided up the Hudson river with New Jersey in the background. March 30, 2020

In Times Square, there are messages of guidance and hope in between advertisements. April 06, 2020

The Fearless Girl wears a face mask on an empty Broad Street outside the New York Stock Exchange. April 01, 2020

A newly erected COVID-19 testing tent in front of the Elmhurst Hospital in Queens. April 03, 2020

Despite the guidance to stay indoors, the Hudson River Greenway was very busy on a Monday afternoon. April 06, 2020

A field hospital built by Samaritans Purse was set up in Central Park across from Mount Sinai Hospital. March 30, 2020

Bayard Street, which is usually teeming with people and cars, was completely closed for business and empty on the first day of NY PAUSE. March 23, 2020

A forklift operator transports two bodies outside of Brooklyn Hospital Center. April 06, 2020

The Javits Center, which is currently being used as an emergency hospital, has new signage set up outside some of its entrances on the Westside Highway. April 06, 2020

A Sanitation worker in the Lower East Side takes a moment to rest under scaffolding. March 23, 2020

The marquis at Cobble Hill Cinemas in South Brooklyn. April 03, 2020

A pharmacist dispenses medicine on Broadway in Queens. April 03, 2020

In Brooklyn a healthcare worker takes a selfie in front of a social distancing sign in Ft. Greene Park. April 06, 2020

A steady flow of ambulances outside the Emergency room in Elmhurst, Queens. April 03, 2020

A woman in a mask pauses in the warm sun while walking through Washington Square Park. April 06, 2020

Tulips in front of the emergency room at the Brooklyn Hospital Center on Dekalb Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn. April 06, 2020