Kanye West Mouthed the Words to His Own Song on Stage for Twenty Seconds on Friday

Last Friday, TNGHT played at Music Hall of Williamsburg, and we were there, just chilling. All the sudden, whoa, it's Kanye. Then he left. Shit was cray.

As my friends, or anyone who has ever showed me their newborn child can attest to, I'm usually a big fucking grump. Unless I am drunk, on adderall, and you are my old friend whom I haven't seen in a while, I usually have a hard time emoting. This is especially true when it comes to "dance music." When I see people I tangentially know on social media going to raves, I immediately have to fight the urge to puke into my filing cabinet. Recently, I was at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, and had to leave early because people were simply dancing too much and having too much fun. Everyone looked like a dork to me, getting "lost in the music" (and whatever drugs they were on).

There are exceptions. Hudson Mohawke, a skinny british dude who perpetually looks like a nondescript fifteen year old, makes this hard to resist instrumental hip hop music which marries everything simultaneuosly cheesy and amazing about big fat synth-driven rap and club beats and amplifies them until you can't help but fucking dance. Or at least move your head and bend your knees to the beat, which is my patented move. There's handclaps, triangle noises, odd sound affects that come from cheap Casio keyboards from the 80s, and something that I think is the baby giggle noise from that one Aaliyah song. Recently, he teamed up with another producer, Lunice, to form TNGHT, which just sounds like more of his solo stuff (read: I fucking love it). So, when I heard they were playing a sold out show at Music Hall of Williamsburg, I had to pull some strings and go.

This show was awwwwwesome. Every song was a certified banger, and they had a cool light show which may or may not have given me epilepsy. The place was packed, everyone seemed really excited and into it, and the dudes in TNGHT seemed really happy to be there. It was great.

Oh, and Kanye West came on stage. TNGHT remixed his oft-retitled single "Cold," and when they put that one on, Kanye trotted out onstage in an expensive sweater to mouth the words to the song for twenty seconds and make some pretty cool hand motions. You can see it below (check out the 2:10) mark. So, that was cool, I guess.