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Make Like Matty Matheson and Dig into This Spicy Mud Crab

If you can't get your paws on mud crabs, any ol' crabs can be substituted.

by Munchies Staff; photos by Jon Schouten
May 11 2017, 8:52pm

Photo by Jonpaul Douglass for VICELAND

Have you been watching Dead Set on Life? If not, you've go to tune in to catch Canadian chef, madman, and hell-of-a-host Matty Matheson eating and adventuring his way around the world.

This week, Matty heads to Australia, where he goes foraging and "helifishing," which is, you guessed it, fishing out of a goddamn helicopter.

He also meets up with chef 'Sniper' Steve Austin and learns about the magic of mud crabs. Sure, they don't sound particularly appetizing, but when steamed to perfection and seasoned with sesame oil, black vinegar, shaoxing wine, ginger, chillies, and shallots, they're pretty damn magical.

RECIPE: Chili Mud Crab

And if you're far from the bush and can't get your paws on mud crabs, you can always substitute other crustaceans.

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