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Craig David's Instagram Is Dance Music's Greatest Fitness Inspiration

Hopefully one day the UK garage star will put out a workout DVD.

by Anna Codrea-Rado
Apr 27 2016, 10:05pm

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I was in the gym a few weeks ago, in the weights room no less, when Craig David's "Fill Me In" came on the soundsystem. I was amped. Not just because I'm a lifelong fan of the UK garage/R&B fabled star, but because I know that Craig loves a good workout. It was like he was there with me, each bouncy bassline willing me through one more rep of tricep dips.

Today, Craig took the gym inspo a weighted-lunge step farther by posting an Instagram clip of a BBC video of him prepping for one of his TS5 performances. What does Craig do before he goes on stage? He pumps iron, obviously.

"Before I go onstage, I love to get a quick workout in," he says in the clip posted to his 310,000 followers in case they hadn't got the thumping big memo that Craig hearts the gym.

Craig, doing some big lunges with weights.

I was watching the video, hunched over a laptop, wondering where I could get the hoodie he's wearing with #EatCleanTrainDirty emblazoned on the back, when it dawned on me. Craig needs to put out a workout DVD. A garage-themed workout DVD.

Eat clean and train dirty, the Craig David way.

We've got deep house yoga, and now techno-spin, so why not Craig's Garage Crunches? Craig's been on a health kick for pretty much ever, as far I can tell from his Instagram. I've been following him for the best part of two years now, and long before he started promoting his musical comeback, he was busy posting selfies in the gym, commandeering the #EatCleanTrainDirty hashtag.

He says in the clip that he's never smoked or done drugs, challenging the stereotype that dance music producers run on a diet of late nights, uppers, and booze. Craig runs on natural endorphins. We should all be more like Craig. He does also mention that he took fitness "too far" and had to reign it back in, but he assures us it's in control now. So that's all good.