Nick Monaco & David Marston Recorded a Collaborative Record In Jamaica

"Island Life" now out with Wolf + Lamb

Jan 16 2016, 4:50pm

Some matches aren't made in Heaven, but on lush Caribbean islands instead.

On a recent trip to Miami, Soul Clap alum Nick Monaco was introduced to his label mate David Marston. The two hit it off and began sending each other music. But even after Monaco invited Marston to contribute guitar work to his upcoming album Half Naked, the two felt it to be imperative to consummate their mutual admiration. So the two retreated to Marston's native Jamaica to record a collaborative album, bringing with them a squad of co-collaborators.

"Greetings from Jamaica!" says a note on their Soundcloud. "We write to you from the Blue Mountains above Kingston, known for their coffee, ganja, and now a new collaborative project that we call 'Island Life.' Inspired by tropical fruits, thunderous nights, exotic figures, and post card scenery - this is the freshest shit you'll hear all year."

Island Life, just out with Brooklyn label Wolf + Lamb, is a two song EP that captures this Caribbean ambience. Joining Monaco and Marston are Soul Clap's co-founder Charles Levine, Wolf + Lamb's Baby Prince, and Jamaican singer Craig Williamson.

That's the album art above. Stream it below:

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