Robedoor's New Single Goes Down Like a Pint of Septic Slime

"Mage Image" is a taste of the LA experimental duo's April LP 'New Age Sewage.'

Mar 23 2017, 9:01pm

Photo by Sarah Merkle

For over a decade, the Los Angeles duo of Britt and Alex Brown have unleashed all manners of unearthly ooze under the name Robedoor. For a while they were the sort of experimental act likely to chunk out a few albums a year, winning collections of light, heat, and melty synthesizer lines—each equally unsettling as the one before it. But as time went on, they've slowed down and shifted their focus to other projects—including the pair of labels that Britt has a hand in, the beloved experimental electronic imprints Not Not Fun and 100% Silk. Their last album, Primal Sphere, was released nearly four years ago—a relative eternity for this sort of music. But hey, they're finally back, and in a little over a month they'll release an LP called New Age Sewage on Hands in the Dark Records.

Today, they're sharing a new single called "Mage Image," a blast of swirling grit that follows the sickly title of the record. Over the course of seven minutes, the Browns douse blissed guitar drones in waste. Squeaks and squalls of noise pool in the corners around a dead-eyed vocal as a distant rhythm ticks along in the background. It's gross, but peaceful—something like septic waste seeping through the floorboards of a yoga studio. Hold your nose, find some peace.

Listen here in advance of the April 21 release of New Age Sewage.

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