MRK's New Video is a Beautiful Bloodbath of Awesome

It's like a feminist version of Dexter!

Dec 2 2014, 10:31pm

If Kate Bush was David Byrne's conjoined twin and the siblings raised themselves on an abandoned desert island by reciting show tunes to one another, the result would be MRK (Like Mr. K, by the way). The Angeleno songstress' video for "River of Blood," produced by MadAsHell (the production team of Leila Jarman and Mike Leisz) is a striking debut – pretty and ugly and scary and beautiful all at once.

"It's a re-creation of what goes on inside my head," explains MRK. "MadAsHell and I strove to make a video that was outlandish, dramatic and organic. The imagery is laced with femininity: flowers, watermelons, eggs, the female form. There are moments of intimacy and moments of struggle. And then there is the triumphant blood climax!"

The track was produced by Alex Arias, one of those Oz-like secret evil masterminds whose name you haven't heard, but whose tunes end up on the radio. MRK explains further, "To me, this song encompasses everything I strive for artistically. Thoughtful lyrics and unique instrumentation with a few slaps of weird drama wrapped in some sort of opulent minimalism."

And hey, fuck it, here's five fun facts about MRK:
I experience extreme discomfort when confronted with bright yellow cheeses.
My dog has four names.
As a child I wanted to be a paleontologist or marine biologist.
The first two tapes I fell in love with were Tori Amos' "Under the Pink" and the Beaches Soundtrack.
My mother is a Reiki Master.

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