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Matthew Koma Really Loves His Job

Though to him it's not really "work."

by THUMP Staff
Jul 31 2014, 10:52pm

It's pretty good to be Matthew Koma right now. Starting his career as a a regular Joe from Long Island, as a fan of rock and metal music—the young rising star has quickly emerged as one of the most sought after vocalists in all of dance music. Lending his croons on massive hits like Zedd's "Find You," and most recently—Tiësto's smash "Wasted," he in many ways is one of the top "voices" in the entire industry. Watch our fun sitdown with Mr. Koma on the picturesque banks of NYC's East River, and hear the guy talk about his utter love and passion for what he does, what it was like working with the almighty Tijs, and even a few tidbits on how technology has changed the relationship one has with their own productions.

Something tells us this guy is on his way to being the Frank Sinatra of untz untz. Keep it up Koma!