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Lauren Flax Brings a Steamy DJ Mix to the Pre-Game Podcast with Jubilee

On episode six, the friends discuss their relationship with Detroit and Chicago, the state of DIY spaces, and what's going on with Jewel's teeth.

by Jubilee
Jan 26 2017, 5:35pm

Illustration by Loren Purcell.

The pre-game is usually the chillest part of the night. You listen to music, kick back with some drinks, and take a moment to catch up with friends before the loud music at the club makes that impossible. Miami-born, New York-based DJ and producer Jubilee is turning her pre-game routine into a biweekly THUMP podcast, where she plays her favorite new music, hangs out with friends, and asks them to share what they've been working on and listening to. Starting today, you can tune in every two weeks for an intimate chat with some of the DJs, producers, music writers, vocalists, rappers, and other club world personalities whose disparate perspectives, cultural backgrounds, and unique sounds comprise the unique melting pot that is New York's club scene. The city has a deep history of dance music—the Pre-Game is about the people who keep it alive.

Living in NYC by way of Detroit and Chicago, Lauren Flax isn't new to the world of dance music. Growing up on a healthy diet of house and drum and bass, she's has been performing for more than half of her life, whether playing in bands or unleashing her DJ sets and live act to the masses. For the first episode of the Pre-Game in 2017, Flax and Jubilee catch up to discuss their lengthy friendship, stupid tattoos, Jewel's teeth, meeting people on message boards and Myspace, as well as how they got started with electronic music in NYC in the first place. We also hear about what they think we need to do to keep DIY spaces alive, and how they see the Big Apple as a place where you can be yourself. After Jubilee plays a handful of tracks she's feeling at the moment, Lauren lays down a rollicking DJ set that captures the Detroit-leaning vibe of her upcoming release on Nervous Records. Get to know and love Lauren below.


Wizkid - Daddy Yo
Ezrah K - Infinite Boogie
Black Noi$e- Jump Off A Building
Sister City- Suprematizm
JXCannon - Dalmation
LSDXOXO- That Girl is a Real Crypt Keeper
Trina ft. Tory Lanez- Damn

Lauren Flax

Fancy Fux ft Katie Got Bands - Stripper
Gettoblaster - Player Hatin'
Dudley Slang - Pop Dat Ass Up (Parris Mitchell Remix)
Vin Sol- 808 Trash Pile
Jimmy Edgar- Tick Tock
Weiss- Walk With Her
George Morel - Down to the Waistline(Honey) (The Bitch Mix)
Plem - Say What
Kim English - Learn 2 Luv Francois K's Atmospheric Mood (Pearson Sound Remix)

Lauren Flax
nervous records