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Dean Blunt Shares Mysterious Snippet of Ambience Titled "18:18"

The beguiling artist strikes again.

by Ezra Marcus
Sep 14 2016, 9:50pm

Image courtesy of the artist

Dean Blunt has spent the last five months dropping a stream of loosies on his Soundcloud in the wake of his April release BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow, as part of the trio Babyfather. These include the Mary J. Blige-sampling "Bubble" and the languid "Skywalker Freestyle," followed up this morning by the beguiling "18:18." The short track comprises only a few elements—elegiac synth tones, crackling drums, and a clip of British guy (not Blunt) speaking cryptically about sailors and burning ships. At the end, we catch a brief snippet of what may be Blunt rapping imperceptibly beneath the static-y beat. What can it all mean? As usual with Blunt, there are no easy answers, but few artists today are as skilled at posing questions. Listen to the track and check out Babyfather's tour dates below.

Babyfather tour dates:

September 14 - New York, NY - Panther Room
September 15 - Detroit, MI - El Club
September 17 - Atlanta, GA - 787 Windsor
September 21 - Toronto, CA - The Velvet Underground
September 22 - Montreal, CA - POP Festival

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