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Moon Temple's Meditative New Video Is Designed to Glaze You Out

The project is helmed by Gabriel Andruzzi​, former member of NYC dance punk band The Rapture.

by Alexander Iadarola
Nov 21 2016, 9:45pm

A former member of dance punk band The Rapture, Gabriel Andruzzi, has shared a new video under his Moon Temple alias, created in collaboration with the NYC-based film production company Georgia. Completely set in spatial modeling software, the "Calisto's Running" clip consists of a series of geometric object studies that look reminiscent of an iPhone puzzle game. They're serene in their simplicity, and offer a cutely hypnotizing set of moving parts to accompany Andruzzi's eerie, minimalist instrumental.

The artist gave THUMP some background via email. "The song itself is meditation on a single interlocking melody that twists in and out of different voices," he said. "A hypnagogic chant for synthesizers." Meanwhile, Georgia said their video is intended to "make people like cats: totally glazed out."

"Calisto's Running" is off a pair of EPs, titled Moon Temple I and II and released on Willie Burns' WT Records imprint, which together make up the Moon Temple project's debut LP.

For a blast from the past, check out a demo version of The Rapture's "Every Little Thing," produced by Danger Mouse and released on their 2006 album Pieces of the People We Love.

Both Moon Temple I and II are out now are out now and available for purchase from WT Records' Bandcamp.

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