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Time Travel: At Least He's Good With a Keytar

Truly cringeworthy.

by Ariana Paoletti
Aug 29 2013, 8:00pm

Trans X - "Living On"
Despite achieving worldwide one-hit-wonder status, this dance classic suffers from a truly cringeworthy video. The scene is set with a scattered assortment of TVs and computers, fed VHS content by awkward, over-gelled extras in sparkly woolen sweaters. This is not what it looks like to age gracefully.

The female singer flops around numb and listless. She is either incredibly bored or physically unable to move her face muscles. At least our lead dude Pascal is really selling it with his cool keytar moves, though the endless zoom-ins are really just too much. Lucky for him he had an established career as a cosmic ambient composer to fall back on (I wish that was a joke).