Police Shut down a 200-Person Rave in a Sewer This Weekend

Law enforcement said that the event "put lives at risk."

Mar 15 2017, 3:35pm

Photo by Laura Hill courtesy of Twitter

Police broke up a 200-person rave in a sewer in Newcastle, UK, this weekend, in the early hours of Sunday morning. The organizers set up a soundsystem and lighting in the underground tunnels, and revelers had to "wade" through a few feet of water to access the party, said the police in a press release.

The rave was organized on Facebook, and partygoers met at a nearby pub before heading to the destination. Police said the event "put lives at risk," and that they were initially alerted to it by people on site who had safety concerns. They broke up the party at around 4 AM.

"It didn't smell," said Jess, a person who went to the rave, in an interview with student publication The Tab. "It wasn't a sewer, it was like a storm drain or some sort of flood defense – or that's what I got told it was, but there was sooo much mud. Leaving the rave it was so surreal. I felt like I had been kept hostage from a zombie apocalypse under ground for about 20 years, and when I emerged I just wasn't the same person anymore haha."

According to The Tab, the event took place in a former WW2 bomb shelter.

"You can clearly see from the pictures that this is a dangerous site for members of the public, nevermind an appropriate party venue," said Chief Inspector Dave Pickett. "We are very lucky that we are not talking about a more serious incident, particularly when you consider that many of those involved were under the influence of alcohol."

Nobody has been arrested in connection with the dubiously-hygienic festivities, but an investigation is currently underway, with many of the people involved believed to be university students.

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